Upcoming Trump administration can end publicly-funded birth control

Upcoming Trump administration can end publicly-funded birth control

Following the announcement of Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election, several American women took to social media to voice their fear that birth control costs could go up and access to services like Planned Parenthood will be restricted.

The current Obamacare system offers women access to as many as 18 FDA-approved birth controls at no out-of-pocket costs. But, availability as well as costs of birth control could be changed by the trump administration.

Planned Parenthood, which offers birth control in addition to services like abortions, cancer screenings, counseling and pap smears, serves nearly 2.5 million women annually.

Trump has repeatedly said that he wouldn't fund Planned Parenthood unless it ends support for abortions. He also declared that would nominate pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

However, there is extensive support for birth control. A recent survey indicated that 81 per cent those who oppose abortion strongly support birth control - 86 per cent of Democrats and 74 per cent of Republicans.

Ginny Ehrlich, chief of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy, said, "The vast majority of the public across political parties, across demographic groups and across religious identities support birth control access for women. There is a public will around this issue and it's not a wedge issue."

But cost and coverage of a subsidized birth control program remains a matter of concern for both leaders as well as the public. Currently, more than 20 million women across the U.S. have access to publicly-funded contraception.

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