Unicode Consortium approves 51 emojis for inclusion in Unicode 10

Unicode Consortium approves 51 emojis for inclusion in Unicode 10

The Unicode Consortium has revealed in a Thursday announcement that it has proposed a shortlist of 51 emoji characters for inclusion in Unicode 10 – the latest version of the emoji character set – which is scheduled for release in mid-2017.

Announcing the proposed shortlist of 51 emojis for the Unicode 10 release, the Unicode Consortium said that the proposed emojis have been selected from among the nearly 150 applications which the group had received for new emojis to be included in the newest Unicode version.

A final list of the new emojis will likely be released in June 2017. Upon the approval of the finalized list by Unicode’s Emoji Subcommittee, the Unicode 10 version would be pushed out to iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

The new emojis, comprising the final list of emojis for Unicode 10, will start showing on smartphone keyboards after they are included by the tech companies in their upcoming operating systems.

Some of the 51 new emojis which have been proposed by the Unicode Consortium include a gender-neutral adult, child and older person; a woman breast-feeding; a person sitting in the lotus position; woman in a headscarf; a zebra head, a cut of meat; different fantasy characters; a bearded person, a person climbing; brain; and zombie, among a horde of others.

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