UN report: 47% global population will have Internet access by 2016 end

UN report: 47% global population will have Internet access by 2016 end

According to a new report released by the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Union (ITU), 47 percent of the global population – that is, nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide – will have access to the Internet by the end of 2016.

In comparison, in the year 2015, only 43 percent of the global population had access to Internet.

The ITU’s report has highlighted the fact that the availability of Internet connectivity worldwide is on an increase; even though the Internet is still not being used by more than half of the global population. In addition, the report also said that Internet access is not evenly distributed across the world.

Going by the statistics released by the ITU in the report, Internet connectivity is within the reach of nearly 80 percent of the population in the developed countries of the world; and only 40 percent of the population in developing countries. In the less-developed countries (LDCs), less than 15 percent people have access to the Internet.

About the glaring difference in the availability of Internet access in developed countries and LDCs, the ITU’s report specifically said: "Internet penetration levels in LDCs today have reached the level enjoyed by developed countries in 1998, suggesting that the LDCs are lagging nearly 20 years behind the developed countries."

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