Uber and California DMV representatives to meet lawyers from state AG’s office

Uber and California DMV representatives to meet lawyers from state AG’s office

In a recent report, San Francisco Business Times has revealed that a Wednesday afternoon meeting has been scheduled to be held between ride hailing company Uber, California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMW), and the state's Attorney General (AG)'s office.

According to the report, "representatives" from Uber as well as the California DMW will meet with the lawyers from the state Attorney General's office on the afternoon of December 21.

The San Francisco Business Times' report of the meeting scheduled for December 21 has been confirmed by the DMW to TechCrunch.

Though the DMW has not divulged the specific purpose behind the meeting, it is being assumed that the discussions will apparently revolve around Uber's deployment of self-driving SUVs in San Francisco last week.

Ever since Uber started offering its self-driving car service to San Francisco passengers on December 14, the DMW has been asking the company to stop the service because it has not obtained a permit to offer self-driving cars in San Francisco. But Uber has been defiantly operating its self-driving vehicles in the city, arguing that the vehicles do not require a permit because they are not truly autonomous vehicles yet; they require drivers at the wheel at all times.


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