Twitch launches new content category called IRL

Twitch launches new content category called IRL

In a Thursday announcement, Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch said that it is rolling out a new content category which will give streamers an opportunity to share their real life with their audience.

The new content category launched by Twitch is called ‘IRL’ – short for ‘in real life’ – and has been designed with the key objective of unfolding a mechanism for users to share moments from their everyday lives.

Twitch is a video-centric online community for computer-gaming buffs; and is, thus, known chiefly for broadcasting the digital exploits of gamers. The launch of the new IRL content category by the streaming service means that users will now be able to upload and stream clips which take them beyond their "core identity" as gamers.

In announcing the launch of the new IRL content category, Twitch said that direct chats can now be initiated by broadcasters with their audience for giving them a peek into their real world.

Asserting that IRL content category will foster dialogue between content makers and their fans, and is not limited to video games, Emmett Shear – CEO of Twitch – said in a statement: "While gaming is their core identity, what we’ve heard repeatedly from them is that they are interested in sharing their everyday lives, thoughts, and opinions with their communities."

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