Twin ‘warriors’ recovering after surgery

Twin ‘warriors’ recovering after surgery

Just the sight of Anias and Jadon McDonald in separate beds after hours-long surgery came as a pleasant surprise to their parents as they previously always saw the twins conjoined at the head.

The 13-month-old twins born conjoined at the head last fall. The little “warriors,” as their parents call them, spent the weekend recovering from the 16-hour surgery that finally separated them.

Their mother, Nicole McDonald, said, “It’s shockingly new. The boys have shared a bed since birth … I can’t wait to put them beside each other and they see each other. To be honest, I'm just so excited and anxious to see that moment. That’s going to be a great day.”

Christian McDonald, their father, the little boys’ conditions were stable and they were doing well after the recent weekend of challenges. Doctors told the parents that the first 72 hours of their recovery would be most critical for their long-term survival.

Anias suffered multiple seizures last Saturday, including 45-minute-long seizure. Doctors successfully brought the seizures under control using anti-seizure medicine Ativan. Jadon has hasn’t yet moved his left side but doctors and the twins’ parents remains optimistic.

The lengthy surgery that started on Thursday and concluded on Friday took place at the Bronx’s Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center. The craniopagus surgery was led by neurosurgeon Dr. James Goodrich.