Trump’s victory complicates global climate deal

Trump’s victory complicates global climate deal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s victory has apparently cast doubts over the fate of the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change.

Many climate change advocates are worried that Trump could withdraw the United States’ support to the global climate deal and ignore the international accord reached in Paris in 2015.

The climate deal aims to slash manmade greenhouse gas emissions to bring global temperatures down. But Trump has been hostile to the deal. He has repeatedly said that the deal would favor developing economies at the expense of the U.S.

Addressing a crowd of supporters earlier this year, he even declared that he would “cancel” the deal if he was it was elected to power.

Last week, Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine said, “Now that the election campaign has passed and the realities of leadership settle in, I expect he will realize that climate change is a threat to his people and to whole countries which share seas with the U.S., including my own.”

As the deal has already taken effect, Trump will not be able to undo it for at least one full term in office. However, he can hurt the deal by ignoring the Obama administration’s pledge to slash carbon emissions by up to 28 per cent by the year of 2025.

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