Trinity wins contract to Manage Nuclear Weapons

Trinity wins contract to Manage Nuclear Weapons

A $174 million worth contract has been finalized between the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Seattle-based supercomputer maker Cray for the development of one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

The supercomputer dubbed as Trinity will manage the United States' nuclear weapons. Main job of the supercomputer would be to ensure security, safety and efficacy of the nuclear weapons of the nation.

Development of the supercomputer is a part of the NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing Program. It is a joint effort between the New Mexico Alliance for Computing at Extreme Scale at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories.

Trinity will be installed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. To make Trinity to be one of the world's fastest supercomputer, Cray said they will outfit the supercomputer with the latest technology from Intel Haswell and Knights Landing processors.

The supercomputer maker boasts that Trinity would be eight times faster than its existing supercomputer called Cielo that is installed at Los Alamos. It has a speed of 1.37 petaflops.

Cray president and CEO Peter Ungaro said the NNSA has always put the world's most advanced supercomputing systems to work to ensure the safety of nation's nuclear stockpile.

"We couldn't be more proud that, once again, the NNSA has placed its trust in Cray to provide them with the computational tools needed to support their important mission", affirmed Ungaro.

Gary Grider, High Performance Computing Division Leader at Los Alamos said there is a long association between Los Alamos and Sandia and Cray Inc. The history continues with Trinity that will act as a next generation supercomputer supporting the U. S. nuclear stockpile.

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