Traditional automakers planning to mass produce e-cars

Traditional automakers planning to mass produce e-cars

Competition in the electric car market is all set to build up as a number of auto giants including Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and BMW are planning to mass produce e-cars to challenge the pioneer Tesla Inc.

Traditional automakers are more rapidly shifting to the zero-emissions electric cars as they are trying to gain market share in a lucrative space that is currently dominated by Tesla.

Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, recently said, “It is quite clear the future will be electric. We are going to deliver a step-by-step complete electrified portfolio and from 2020 onwards all of our cars will deliver the option to be electrified.”

The recent crackdown on diesel-powered vehicles in the wake of the revelation of Volkswagen’s cheating on emission tests has increased pressure on auto manufacturers to shift to electric alternatives.

In spite of the buzz around e-vehicles, some automakers like Toyota and Daimler have expressed skepticism that such cars will immediately be embraced by consumers. German auto maker Daimler recently warned that e-cars may only earn half the margin of equivalent fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.


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