Tim Cook: Apple Watch “sell-through” reached new high during first week of holiday shopping

Tim Cook: Apple Watch “sell-through” reached new high during first week of holid

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Reuters on Monday that Apple Watch smartwatch’s “sell-through” touched a new high during the first week of the 2016 holiday shopping season. ‘Sell-through” is a measure of the quantity of a product sold to consumers compared with the stock of the product on retail store shelves.

In asserting that the first week of the 2016 holiday shopping season marked the best week in Apple Watch’s “sell-through” history, Cook said that the ongoing quarter is on its way to become “the best quarter ever” for the Apple smartwatch.

Cook’s comments indicate that the sales of Apple Watch smartwatch – the first new Apple product to be launched under Cook’s headship – have apparently rebounded for the holiday season from mid-year doldrums on a redesign, price cuts and strong promotions.

The comments by Cook came against the backdrop of a Monday report by tech research firm IDC which said that there had been a disquieting 71 percent plunge in Apple Watch sales during the 2016 third quarter.

Cook’s comments that Apple Watch sales reached a new high in the first week of the 2016 holiday season do not mark anything unexpected, because the ongoing quarter not only features more Apple Watch models, particularly on the cheaper end, but also marks the holiday season of the year and the first full quarter for the smartwatch’s new Series 2 variants.

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