Tetrad Lunar Eclipse could Resemble ‘Four Blood Moons’

Tetrad Lunar Eclipse could Resemble ‘Four Blood Moons’

The first most impressive and dramatic tetrad lunar eclipses which will start early April 14 on the West coast of America have been foretold in the prophecy of the Four Blood Moons. During the process, the moon will be darkened when the sun’s rays will be blocked from its surface as it passed through the umbral shadow of earth.

The moon displays its power by reflecting a fiery red glow towards Earth when it will reach its peak of eclipse. People of many religions celebrate lunar eclipse as a sacred event by performing special ceremonies and prayers. Moon, also called as ruler of stars, is expected to take on a more powerful appearance after the lunar eclipse with such a fierce red glow.

As per the prophecy in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Joel in the Hebrew Bible, the coming tetrad of lunar eclipse in next two years could resemble the ‘Four Blood Moons’. It has also been stated that the lunar tetrad also has special significance for members of the Christian and Jewish faith.

According to the chapter 3:3-4 of The Book of Joel, before the terrible day of Lord to come, the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to the blood. The two lunar eclipses will fall on significant Hebrew holidays i.e. one will pass on April 2014 and the other in August 2014, both of which are Jewish feast days that celebrate Jesus.

Mark Blitz, founder of a major Hebrew resource centre, said that the relevance of dates for the tetrad lunar eclipses points to fulfillment of the belief supporting the Second Coming of Christ. Similarly in Islam, moon is considered as one of the two signs of Allah along with the sun.

Reddish glow of lunar eclipse can be explained by earth’s atmosphere which reflects the light of sunrises and sunsets and filters out shorter waves of light like blues and greens.

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