Tesla reveals level 5 autonomy for all its new vehicles

Tesla reveals level 5 autonomy for all its new vehicles

In a last-week announcement which took the tech and automotive industries by surprise, electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc. revealed level 5 autonomy for all of its new cars.

According to the announcement made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, all the new cars manufactured by the company will be equipped with level 5 autonomy. The disclosure implies that the new Tesla cars will have the capability to drive themselves across the US.

Going by the indications from the announcement, a self-driving Tesla vehicle will probably be enjoyed first by the people who are on the waiting list for the company’s mass market Model 3, rather than early adopters who have purchased the Roadster, Model S, or Model X.

In fact, the owners of the Tesla Model S or Model X will evidently not be able to enjoy the full self-driving experience unless they purchase a new car.

Meanwhile, the new fully self-driving Tesla vehicles will be equipped with eight cameras, instead of the sole camera in the old Autopilot hardware. In addition, the vehicles will also have more powerful onboard computers for processing the increased stream of information, and will also sport a stronger solar technology.