Tesla Motors’ Autopilot helps man struck by pulmonary embolism reach hospital

Tesla Motors’ Autopilot helps man struck by pulmonary embolism reach hospital

This Missouri man would not have survived if his Tesla Model X’s self-driving features would not have been there. Joshua Neally, 37, Model X owner, was on his way back to home from work when he suffered a pulmonary embolism.

He immediately led the Autopilot system to take up the control for 20 miles of highway driving and took him close to a hospital and was able to survive. The news would certainly improve the image of Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is under scanner after an accident in Florida this year. In the accident, the driver lost his life.

But now, questions have arisen as whether it was right decision on the part of Neally to depend on call on his own car’s self-driving features rather than pulling over and call an ambulance. But some think that Neally made the right decision and shows the importance and the need of having safety features like Autopilot.

Neally shared that he has realized that he would require emergency service. It was then he decided to use Autopilot mode. Though many would think that the decision was not the apt when undergoing extreme physical duress, it could also not be ignored that the feature led him to the hospital and get the needed treatment.

Experts said that people will make most rational and informed decision when they will find their life immediately threatened and in that situation autonomous technologies make the maximum impact. But this incident may not prove the worth of the Tesla Motors' Autopilot as a safety feature anymore than the death taken place in Florida disapproving it. There have been many such stories of lives being saved that have been reported since Florida’s incident.


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