Study shows short people face higher risk for heart disease

Study shows short people face higher risk for heart disease

According to a new study, short people have a higher risk of heart disease as the genes that control the height also seem to affect cholesterol mainly in men.

It was believed that height and heart risks are related and the new study has found evidence to prove the same. Researchers said that shorter people are more prone to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes compared to taller people.

Previous studies had established it by analysing heart risks in groups of people as per their heights but this did not consider influence of smoking, weight, nutrition and other things. The new study studied genes that control the height.Dr.NileshSamani at the University of Leicester in England gathered data from researchers around the world on 65,000 people with known risk for heart disease and a group of 128,000 other people.

Dr.Samaniverified that stature played a role and found that the risk of clogged arteries - rose 13.5 per cent with each 6.5 centimetredecrease in height. In order to determine the cause, the researchers studied 12 risk factors and found that the two were related to genes regulating height: LDL or bad cholesterol, and triglycerides, another type of fat in the blood.

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