Students present a zombie apocalypse simulation to explain spread of disease

Students present a zombie apocalypse simulation to explain spread of disease

A group of students at the Cornell University have adopted a unique concept to explain how diseases spread. Alex Alemi, a graduate student of physics, along with his colleagues presented a zombie apocalypse simulation at the American Physical Society March Meeting in San Antonio to explain the spread of diseases.

Alemi said, "I was trying to learn more about techniques used in epidemiology. And so, to get a better handle, I tried and simulated zombies."

The students simulated a zombie outbreak in the United States through sophisticated models and explained the concept. They used data from the 2010 U. S. Census, which shows that the US has a population of 306 million people.

The students presentation stated that the outbreak started in New York City but cities with dense population was expected to do worse. Alemi's colleagues have also created an online simulator, which they adjusted "bite to kill ratio," and how fast the zombies walk and where the outbreak started.

Alemi said that they spread very fast when there are a lot of people around them and once the spread reaches outside of urban, it slows down.

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