SpaceX hopes to put another Falcon 9 rocket on launch pad in mid-December

SpaceX hopes to put another Falcon 9 rocket on launch pad in mid-December

During the course of a Friday interview with CNBC, Elon Musk – the CEO of SpaceX – said that his space launch company has efforts underway to return its rockets to flight by the mid-December after a launch pad explosion involving Falcon 9 rocket in September.

According to the information shared by Musk with CNBC, SpaceX is hopeful that it will be ready to launch another Falcon 9 rocket by mid-December.

In disclosing SpaceX plans to put another Falcon 9 rocket on the launch pad next month, Musk told CNBC that investigators have found out the reason behind the September 1 explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket while it was being fueled for a routine, preflight test.

Revealing that the Falcon 9 explosion was caused by a "really surprising problem that's never been encountered before in the history of rocketry," Musk said during the interview that the explosion was triggered by a fueling system issue due to which solid oxygen was inadvertently produced inside the upper stage tank of the rocket.

The Falcon 9 explosion had destroyed a $200 million Israeli communications satellite, and caused unspecified damage to SpaceX’s primary launch pad, which is located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, just south of Kennedy Space Center. As a result of the Falcon 9 accident, SpaceX grounded the Falcon 9 fleet.

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