Singapore to Check Tamiflu after UK based Cochrane Collaboration Report on Tamiflu

Singapore to Check Tamiflu after UK based Cochrane Collaboration Report on Tamif

The Ministry of Health in Singapore has planned to start an investigation regarding the positive impact of Roche AG’s Tamiflu and GSK’s Relenza in controlling flu. UK based non-profit organization Cochrane Collaboration had reported earlier this week that tamiflu and relenza were not found effective after their reviewed 170,000 pages of clinical trial data.

Ministry of Health, Singapore confirmed that the government had stockpiled antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza to control any outbreak of influenza in future. However, the government has now planned to investigate the role of anti-viral medication in control of the symptoms of flu.

As Singapore has planned to carry out an independent study, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline management might have to answer tough questions. The action from Singapore could prompt other governments to take action as well.

In response to the Cochrane Collaboration study, Roche AG’s UK medical director Dr Daniel Thurley said that the company stands by its clinical trial results. He added that the drug has been approved by majority of health regulators across the world, including the World Health Organization. GSK has not yet responded to the findings of the Cochrane Collaboration study.

During a press event in London, Study co-author Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford said that the governments in various countries have wasted money on stockpiling tamiflu and relenza. Another report appeared in media yesterday saying that U.S. FDA was already aware that tamiflu was not much effective in cases of flu.

The US government spent $1.3 billion on flu medications while UK government spent $700 million on stockpiling after the outbreak of H1N1.

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