Seven Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day Help Lessen Risks of Death

Seven Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day Help Lessen Risks of Death

Eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day could prove helpful in reducing 25% risks of cancer. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases by 31 percent, said researchers. Till now, the World Health organization (WHO) recommends people to eat five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables a day to lessen risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

The joint collaborating study by Safefood, the joint Irish and British healthy eating body, has revealed that the consuming tinned, canned and frozen fruit is almost useless as they contain sugar which outweighs the benefits. They recommend people to eat fresh vegetables followed by salad and fruits. A recent ‘Bring Back Play’ campaign has been launched by Safefood to ensure children to get an hour’s activity every day.

A 14-year study on about 65,000 people in England has revealed that eating seven servings a day can help reduce 42% overall risk of death compared to those who eat one whole portion every day. They found 29% decreased risks of death in people who eat three to five servings a day with 14% reduced risk of death to those who eat one to three helpings of fruit and veg.

Researchers concluded that the more fruits and vegetables a day the lesser you will likely to die at any age. “Vegetables have a larger effect than fruit, but fruit still makes a real difference”, said researchers.

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