Screenshots of Google’s Allo sticker packs leaked

Screenshots of Google’s Allo sticker packs leaked

In a recently released report, Android Police has leaked a number of screenshots of sticker packs for tech giant Google’s forthcoming messaging app Allo.

Google had first announced its Allo messaging app during its 2016 I/O conference held in May. Though the company has not confirmed the official launch date of the Allo app, it has already released Allo’s companion video-calling app Duo on the Google Play Store, both for Android and iOS users.

The Allo app will come with built-in digital assistant -- Google Assistant -- as well as several other noteworthy features which will actually make the app more than just a messaging app --- it will allow users to chats with their friends in different ways, like by sending simple text messages, stickers and graphics, and by doodling on photos.

In leaking the sticker packs for the Allo app, Android Police has revealed that Allo will apparently come pre-installed with at least 3 sticker packs. However, it will be possible for users to install extra sticker packs later on.

According to the details shared by Android Police, Allo users will be able to rearrange the sticker packs in order, so that the stickers which are used more frequently by them can show up more in the front.

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