Ryanair alleges conspiracy between Lufthansa management and Air Berlin

Ryanair alleges conspiracy between Lufthansa management and Air Berlin

Alleging a conspiracy between Lufthansa management and Air Berlin, budget airline Ryanair filed a complaint with European Union (EU) competition authorities on Tuesday.

Ryanair filed the complaint after Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy protection and received a government loan of 150 million euro ($177M) to stay afloat.

The government loan is expected to help Air Berlin to keep flights going on for the next quarter months, allowing the company’s negotiations for a possible deal with German airline Lufthansa to continue.

Jonathan Wober, a senior analyst at CAPA-Centre for Aviation, said, “Lufthansa has played a canny waiting game over a number of years and is now well placed to cherrypick those parts of Air Berlin's operation that suit it best without buying the whole loss-making enterprise.”

Air Berlin’s insolvency surfaced as thousands of people in Germany are using airline services to enjoy summer holidays, as well as just ahead of general election in September.


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