Russian Voyeuristic Website Containing Link to 53 Irish Cameras Taken Down

Russian Voyeuristic Website Containing Link to 53 Irish Cameras Taken Down

There are a number of voyeuristic websites around the world showcasing Irish CCTV footages. A Russian website that had a link to 53 Irish cameras was taken down last night.

The site having more than 50 links to Irish CCTV footage was stopped from operating yesterday afternoon. The site is registered in Russia and it claims that the video available on the website is not hacked and also said that the practice is not illegal.

Currently, the Data Protection Commissioner's office is unable to stop the CCTV streams. A spokesperson from the office of the Data Protection Commissioner said that they can do nothing to acquire such material when the sites are based outside Ireland.

"If a website based here operated by a legitimate organisation was publishing personal data of individuals gleaned illegally from these types of devices, there would be data protection issues which we could pursue", affirmed a spokesperson.

After seeing the footages, it has been found that some of them are live from private homes, as people could be seen relaxing. On some streams, children's toys can be seen. The website has streams that it claims are from Dublin, Carlow and Cork.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has suggested that people should use robust passwords when they set up CCTV systems and webcams. The ICO also asked people that they should always change the passwords set by manufacturers. It also affirmed that footages captured by baby monitors are also available on the website.

It happens sometimes that administrator forgets to set the default password on online camera or DVR. As per reports, America has maximum feeds with more than 4,000. After US, France is on the list followed by the Netherlands.

Experts said that the only thing one needs to make the camera private is change your camera default password.


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