Rise in Mobile Popularity affecting Silicon Valley Pioneer HP

Rise in Mobile Popularity affecting Silicon Valley Pioneer HP

Smartphones and other electronic gadgets with advance computing capability and connectivity have changed a lot of things. With people's style of living and work, these advanced devices have shaken up Silicon Valley Valley's balance of power. Several Long-established companies like HP and eBay of the region are struggling because of rising popularity of mobile phones.

Companies headquartered in California, like Hewlett-Packard Company and eBay Inc., are trying to regain their footing to compete against companies like Apple and Google. Also, the long established companies have to rise against technology stars that offer services of cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows the users to rent software to use over World Wide Web. It prevents them from paying a one-time fee to buy and install software on a computer. With cloud computing technique, users can access various kinds of information from any type of Internet-connected device. It has become important too as people today have started moving towards tablets and smartphones instead of desktops and laptops.

California's software making companies like Workday Inc., Salesforce. com Inc. and VMware Inc. have set up their business models around cloud computing technology. It has also helped them as the impressive revenue generated by the companies converted their stocks into hot commodities.

Currently, Google and Apple are ruling the mobile world. Their software systems-Android and iOS- are running most of the tablets and smartphones in the world. Apple is currently world's most valuable company with about $600 billion and Google stands third with approximately $400 billion.

Rising popularity of Smartphones has affected personal computers' sale. Silicon Valley pioneer HP was once the biggest seller of personal computers.

Silicon Valley observer Paul Saffo said, "HP and other large companies are struggling to compete against younger upstarts. Once upon a time, scale and size were a competitive advantage. Now, they are a problem".


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