Researchers Have a Solution That Might Answer All Questions Pertaining to Obesity

Researchers Have a Solution That Might Answer All Questions Pertaining to Obesit

There have been many studies on obesity whose main motive was to understand better ways to burn excess fat. A lot of studies have also shown that the easiest way to lose fat is to burn calories. Now many would term it as an unlikely situation, but a research conducted at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has found a way in which ordinary fat cells can be reengineered to burn calories.

It has been a long-known fact that there are two forms of fat in humans, namely white and brown. The white fat cells are known to be the calorie storing cells, where as brown fat cells are calorie burning cells. However there was a cloud of mystery surrounding how these white cells are converted onto brown cells because with the increase in age of humans these brown cells tend to deteriorate. In other words we call it as decrease in metabolism. The Scientists now believe to have found the answer to that switch which just might lead to the solution for human obesity.

While working on effects of a common diabetes drugs on mice, the researchers came across a protein called PRDM16. This protein which is also found in humans is believed to transform the commonly found calorie storing white cells into calorie burning brown fat cells, which are known to aid in weight loss.

A lot of testing needs to be done and it has to be proven safe in clinical tests before it is termed as a novel way of attaining weight loss. The existing diet drugs work on the principal of restricting the intake of calories; by blocking the absorption of fat. If this new protein is termed safe, it will open a Pandora’s Box for future obesity drugs as it has the compounds that trigger the burning of calories in people faster.

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