Researchers Evaluate Football Helmet Benefits

Researchers Evaluate Football Helmet Benefits

A six-year study by researchers from Virginia Tech revealed that Riddell Revolution helmet can prevent risk of concussions by more than 50%. They compared Riddell Revolution helmet with Riddell VSR4 helmet and found the former helmet to be bit safer than the other.

Concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury that is caused when the head hits an object and affects functioning of brain. Symptoms of the disease are severe headache, loss conscious, have decreased level of alertness, and even amnesia.

About 1,833 football players, who participated in Virginia Tech, Brown, Oklahoma, Dartmouth, North Carolina, Indiana, Minnesota, and Illinois, were recruited by the researchers.

All the players were advised to wear either Revolution helmet or VSR4 helmet, both of which were embedded with sensors to measure the biomechanics and head acceleration.
With the help of sensors, researchers controlled the number of impacts faced by team players on smashing their heads by wearing the helmets. Over period of six years, they measured head motion changes that caused 1.2 million reported cases of head impacts by football players from eight above stated teams.

Researchers have also been able to diagnose concussions in 64 of the hits and found 54% reduction in risk of causing dizziness in those patients, who wore Riddle Revolution Helmet.

The research, which has been published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, found reduction in concussion rate by four in 10,000 hits for modern helmets worn by Seahawks and Broncos. This rate has been found to be more than eight with older helmets and with same impacts.

With the end of six-year study, about 3% of players continued concussions with novel riddle’s Revolution helmet. Erin E. Griffin, Riddle spokesman, said that Revolution line was introduced in 2002 and the use of VSR4 designed helmet was stopped in 2011.

Novel helmets were for the first time adopted by Manning, the later versions of which are now followed by Wilson and Sheman.

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