Researchers discover flaw in mobile operating systems

Researchers discover flaw in mobile operating systems

Researchers at the University of California's Riverside Bourns College of Engineering and the University of Michigan have discovered a flaw in mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows.

The flaw facilitates malicious applications in accessing personal information of the users of the mobile operating systems

Noting that their technique to hijack data using the flaw was successful nearly 80-90 percent of the time, the researchers have revealed that while apps like Gmail can be hacked with a success rate of between 82 and 92 percent, the Amazon app is probably the most difficult to crack, with the success rate of its hack being only 48 percent.

As per the findings of a study carried out by the researchers, the flaw is not limited to Gmail and Amazon apps; it also extends to several other popular apps including H&R Block, Amazon, Newegg, WebMD, Chase Bank, and Hotels. com.

The researchers have also revealed that the hacking technique exploiting the flaw is as effective on iOS and Windows software as on the Android OS.

Pointing out that all apps have the ability to access a mobile device's shared memory, Zhiyun Qian - an assistant professor at Riverside Bourns College of Engineering - said: "The assumption has always been that apps cannot interfere with each other easily. We show that assumption is not correct and one app can in fact significantly impact another and result in harmful consequences for the user."


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