Researchers develop new method of measuring Dark Matter

Researchers develop new method of measuring Dark Matter

Australian astronomers have developed a new method of measuring and calculating the amount of dark matter in the universe.

By making use of this new measurement, the researchers have been successfully able to find that all the material that makes up planets, stars and other objects accounts for 4%, while dark matter now only accounts for 25% and the remainder being made up of dark energy.

Dr. Prajwal Kafle from the University of Western Australia led this project. He along with his team developed the new measurement in which they examined the speed at which the stars are travelling within our galaxy. This also included the edges that proved to be a first in dark matter measurement and this is the reason why this new estimation seemingly challenges all the previously done estimates.

Explaining the importance of his team's new scale of measurement, Kafle said, "When you use our measurement of the mass of the dark matter, the theory predicts that there should only be three satellite galaxies out there, which is exactly what we see; the Large Magellanic Cloud, the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy".

The details of the research done in this context are published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Professor Geraint Lewis, an astrophysicist at the University of Sydney, was also involved in this research. He stated that the missing satellite problem had been 'a thorn in the cosmological side' for almost 15 years.

Besides the measurement, the study also presents a holistic model of the Milky Way. This allowed the scientists to measure several interesting things such as the speed required to leave the galaxy.

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