Researchers Capture Footage of African Tigerfish Grabbing Bird in Flight

Researchers Captured Footage of African Tigerfish Grabbing Bird in Flight

Scientists have captured the footage of an African tigerfish snatching a barn swallow out of the air mid-flight in South Africa. They said that the video of African tigerfish capturing a bird in flight is first evidence of this behavior in wild.

African tigerfish has been caught in action by South African researcher team working on a project related to African tigerfish and other species in freshwater.

This research has been published by researchers from the Water Research Group of North West University, South Africa, in the Journal of Fish Biology. The African tigerfish has been characterized as one of the most amazing freshwater species in the world with a large, razor-sharp teeth and beautiful markings on the body and bright red fins.

Professor Nico Smit, co-author of the study, along with his colleagues described the nature of individual fish and their habitat by using radio tags. They said that individual fish primarily fed on other fish for their food at the time of dawn and dusk and take rest during day time.

Prof. Smit added that their new research will change the thinking of the scientists about the energy transfer process and eating habits in freshwater ecosystem.

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