Red Wine may Help Lose Weight

Red Wine may Help Lose Weight

Researchers have linked a daily glass of red wine to decrease risk of certain cardiovascular issues. According to a study, there are antioxidants found in the drink that can be beneficial for heart but according to a new study, this red wine could also help lose weight.

According to the latest findings published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, consuming small amounts of red wine might help burn fat. According to the study, drinking red wine could help one with the liver's fat-burning capability and therefore make it easier to lose weight.

"If we could develop a dietary strategy for reducing the harmful accumulation of fat in the liver, using common foods like grapes, then it would be good news", said Neil Shay, biochemist and molecular biologist at the Oregon State University.

For the study, researchers studied human liver and fat cells grown in a laboratory. According to the researchers, the tissues were exposed to the extracts of around four natural chemicals. These natural chemicals are found in Muscandine grapes. The researchers found the Ellagic acid that is a natural phenol antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables. According to the researchers, it even helped prevent formation of the new ones.

It is expected that the future studies could lead to a dietary strategy for decrease of the accumulation of fats in the liver. There is a possibility that the process can aid to provide suitable food selection for obese patients who still face problems with losing weight in spite of treatments. According to the researchers, red wine or juice from red grapes in moderation can help fat people improve their health.

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