Red Kangaroos Use Tail as Fifth Limb while Grazing

Red Kangaroos Use Tail as Fifth Limb while Grazing

For a long time now, Red Kangaroos are an interesting topic of research. Researchers have been studying their movements and have come across an exciting finding that the Red Kangaroos use their tails as a fifth limb while grazing.

While eating grass, these kangaroos use their tails to maintain their balance. Associate Professor Maxwell Donelan of Simon Fraser University, Associate Professor Maxwell Donelan of Simon Fraser University, stated about the finding, "They use it to support, propel and power their motion. In fact, they perform as much mechanical work with their tails as we do with one of our legs".

Earlier also, researches have been carried out on the movements of different animals like elephants and tortoises. But the novel study is different as it is the only one, which was videotaped for further studies.

Lead researcher Max Donelan of SFU's Locomotion Laboratory said the animals move with `pentapedal' gait, which provided new information about the diversity of biological movement. It also provided insight about the reason behind the way humans walk.

Researchers measured the forces the tail puts on the ground and also calculated the mechanical power generated by it. After making these calculations, researchers found the tail is highly responsible for the caused propulsive force when compared with the front and hind legs.

The tail also causes positive mechanical power performing as much mechanical power as human leg do when walking at the same speed. Researchers stated the tail is put into use to propel and power their motion just like leg.

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