Recession Suspicions Result in Delayed Pregnancy

Recession Suspicions Result in Delayed Pregnancy

A recent survey conducted by the Red magazine reporters have claimed the fact that the recession nightmare is not only restricted to the global economical world.

In fact the survey findings too proved that the awful dream without any doubt has also entered the personal lives of many individuals.

However, all these claims were made after the magazine journalists decide to track 2,500 women, particularly falling under the 30 to 45 age group.

Moreover, when the magazine conclude their data analysis process, they were surprised to see that just because of the increasing recession dilemmas, one third of women decided to delay their pregnancy.

While, most of them were also planning of not to have babies till the increased recession plunge ends.

Meanwhile, among the targeted survey audience, till date about 15% have already confirmed that they would not be having babies, as result of which the vitro fertilization calculation also got reduced.

Besides all these statements, about 60% of the survey participants further asserted that the NHS officials should immediately stop providing IVF facility treatment procedures.

On the other hand, sharing his views about these findings, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Sam Baker, said, “This report provides an incredible in-depth view on the effect the recession has had on women’s baby plans”.

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