A quick look at the disease of prostate cancer

A quick look at the disease of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer, a disease that mostly affects elderly males, is luckily one of the slowest growing cancers to date. Nevertheless, as many as 209,000 U.S. men are diagnosed with the disease per year.

Prostate cancer often has no symptoms in the early stage, and the most vulnerable men are normally 65 years and older.

Speaking about the disease, Oncologist Charles Smith said, “A disease that we are very optimistic about when the diagnosis is made. We can't always unfortunately say that about a lot of cancers, but with this disease we do feel optimistic about treatment.”

Fortunately, the prognosis is excellent. Most patients don’t die from the disease. More than 2.9 million Americans who were diagnosed with prostate cancer are still alive.

However, Smith stressed that 60 per cent of the 60 year old patients would have the potentially deadly disease of prostate cancer.

The treatment is quite difficult because it involves complications and side effects in the short run as well as the long run. Thus, a strong family support group is required to keep the patient buoyant.

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