Queensland couple captures video of sonic boom from Tavurvur volcano eruption

Queensland couple captures video of sonic boom from Tavurvur volcano eruption

A video of the recent explosion of the Mount Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea reminds us the true force and power of nature.

The breathtaking video of the explosive eruption of Tavurvur volcano was captured on camera by a curious vacationer called Phil McNamara on 29th of August this year.

McNamara, an Australian taxi driver, said he was on a visit to the area with his wife Linda McNamara. When they heard about the imminent eruption of the volcano, they decided to go closer and capture the furious act of nature.

Speaking about the eruption, McNamara said, "I thought I might as well try and capture something you rarely get to see."

The Queensland couple hired a boat to get closer and capture a video of the eruption. When the eruption took place they experienced a sonic boom and shock-wave that rippled across the sky as well as earth, finally hitting their boat with a massive roar.

The ash from volcano reached as many as 60,000 feet into the air, forcing international airlines to re-direct flights to avoid accidents. Communities in the nearby areas were evacuated.

Mount Tavurvur is one of the world's most dangerous and active volcanoes. Around twenty years ago, an explosive eruption in it ruined a nearby township known as Rabaul.

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