Quantum Teleportation of Data a Reality

Quantum Teleportation of Data a Reality

Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have made quantum teleportation of data a reality.

Researchers said they have moved quantum information between two quantum bits separated by around 10 feet without changing the spin state of an electron. Quantum information is physical information present in quantum state and is used to distinguish one thing from the other.

Quite a startling revelation was the results can be replicated 100% of the time. As per researchers, the not-so usual properties of entanglement allow quantum data to be teleported seemingly faster than speed of light.

The study findings have attained two significant results. Firstly, the study findings have proved Albert Einstein wrong with regard to the purview and completeness of quantum mechanics. Secondly, making the experiment work in larger systems will pave the path for translating quantum mechanics to practical applications like quantum computing.

To make quantum teleportation of data a reality, researchers at Delft have created qubits out of classical bits. In this particular case, electrons trapped in diamonds at such a low temperature that their quantum properties like spin gets observed.

Though the qubits were separated by three meters, researchers were able to observe as well as record the spin of one electron and also notice that spin reflected in the other qubit without taking much time.

Now, researchers are working to increase the distance to figure higher by kilometers. By increasing the distance, researchers want to check whether or not entanglement is a consistent phenomenon and the information is travelling faster than speed of light. "There is a big race going on between five or six groups to prove Einstein wrong", affirmed Ronald Hanson, lead researcher.


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