Qualcomm announces two new software toolkits for its core mobile device developers

Qualcomm announces two new software toolkits for its core mobile device develope

During the course of the keynote address at its annual Uplinq conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Qualcomm announced two new software toolkits for developers to enable them to extract more out of LTE-capable mobile handsets.

The two new software toolkits announced by Qualcomm at the conference include the LTE Broadcast SDK, and the LTE Direct SDK.

The LTE Broadcast SDK announced by Qualcomm will essentially give the company's core mobile device developers the ability to leverage the evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) capabilities of fourth- generation cellular networks.

The eMBMS capabilities can be leveraged by developers for broadcasting data over a radio frequency spectrum, with notably increased efficiency and variegation than is possible with conventional terrestrial TV broadcasting technologies.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm's other new toolkit - the LTE Direct SDK - will also enable the developers to create apps which leverage an LTE capability that is presently a part of the Qualcomm chips.

According to Qualcomm, LTE Direct is an "autonomous, always on, proximal discovery solution," which essentially paves the way for mobile devices to discover one another within a limited range --- which, in the case of Qualcomm's solution, is within a half-kilometer radius of the home device.

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