Primates facing extinction: researchers warn

Primates facing extinction: researchers warn

The future for primates like gorillas and chimps looks extremely gloomy unless humans make substantial shifts in their current behavior, according to a new research.

The new researcher revealed that nearly 60 per cent of the 504 species of primates are facing extinction. Three-quarters of the mankind’s closest biological relatives have suffered decline populations over the past few decades.

Researchers also projected that the drastic growth of humans’ global population will unleash tremendous pressures on monkeys, gibbons, chimps and lemurs, which will be struggling to survive by 2050.

In the newly published study, the researchers warned, “Considering the large number of species currently threatened and experiencing population declines, the world will soon be facing a major extinction event if effective action is not implemented immediately.”

Hunting and loss of habitat due to unsustainable human activities have been blamed for potentially driving primate species to extinction.

The alarming findings of the study were detailed in the Wednesday (Jan. 18th) edition of the journal Science Advances.