Post-outburst stress causes eye damage to ESPN’s Britt McHenry

Post-outburst stress causes eye damage to ESPN’s Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry, the glamorous ESPN reporter who was suspended after being caught on camera cruelly belittling a tow truck employee, has said the stress of that scandal has damaged her eyesight.

McHenry abused and made fun of Advanced Towing employee Gina Michelle in April 2015, after Michelle towed her car while she was enjoying dinner at a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.

A surveillance camera captured the ESPN reporter mocking the employee’s teeth, weight, lack of education as well as her job during the confrontation. The footage went viral, and she flooded with vulgar and sexist insults. ESPN responded by suspending her.

In a fresh interview, McHenry claimed that the stress of coping with those “vulgar and sexist insults” on social media damaged her eyesight.

Recalling her nightmare, McHenry said, “I went to a retinal specialist, who diagnosed me with CSR, a condition in which vision is impaired, often due to trauma or extreme stress … The doctor says the vision in my eye might never improve.”

She claimed that she underwent a series of injections directly into her eye, which made her to think what brought her to that point.

The Washington D.C.-based 30-year-old sports reporter admitted that she was out of line at the time of the confrontation, and that those harsh comments would always be embarrassing her.

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