Pinterest to Ban Affiliate Links and Redirects

Pinterest to Ban Affiliate Links and Redirects

Social networking site Pinterest is removing the affiliate links and redirects. The company has refused that it is taking the step for monetization purposes.

A spokesperson for the company said that the step has been taken to make Pinner experience better and also, to ensure the relevant content on Pinterest. Pinterest told to media that it has observed that affiliate links and redirects were leading to irrelevant posts and other spammy behavior.

By blocking the affiliates, it is expected that Pinterest will be enable to maintain the high bar of relevancy and quality that its customers expect. The Wall Street Journal stated that Pinterest has claimed that for so many years, it has been automatically removing affiliate links. But it continued to have some exceptions that were keeping up the quality.

"RewardStyle, an affiliate network that caters to the fashion industry and works with 9,000 bloggers, websites and other publishers, was among those that had been allowed to link, until yesterday", said Pinterest's spokesperson.

Hello Society, a company billing itself as a Pinterest marketing agency was also said to be affected by the new move. Rather than an ecommerce platform, Pinterest is being used by online sellers as a marketing tool.

Online marketplace Rakuten and venture capitalists are happy with the company's new move. As per an email forwarded to VentureBeat, Pinterest started removing links and they especially targeted links from popular affiliate networks RewardStyle and Hello Society.

Earlier also, Pinterest has banned affiliate links, but it is for the first time that the company has never issued a total ban. Pinterest has tried to handle the matter delicately, and said in an email that the people who have taken part in affiliate networks will still be able to view their past Pins, and they still be clickable. They will not be deleted, but the tracking links attached to them will be removed.

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