Physicists Create a Machine Named ‘Holometer’

Physicists Create a Machine Named ‘Holometer’

Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago have created a machine that can help find out whether the universe is a hologram. Scientists named this machine as Holometer, located at Fermilab in Illinois. It will determine whether our universe is a series of bits or there is some really substantial material that exists.

As per scientists, this machine sends straight lasers at the two different mirrors that down two sets of 40-meter tubes. These lasers will then measure the position of the mirrors for a year. They said if there will be any movement in the mirrors recorded, it will prove that the space-time fabric is given to jittering.

This machine is exceedingly accurate, the space-time units can measure very small units that are even hundreds of billions times smaller than a proton.

Craig Hogan at the University of Chicago said, "The theory is that space is made of waves instead of points, that everything is a little jittery, and never sits still".

Researchers say if the experiment confirms an inherently unstable space-time continuum, then it will help a lot to comprehend reasons behind fast expansion of our universe. They also said that there have been numerous imaginative theories proposed by researchers that could explain the mysterious forces that oppose the present theories of gravity.

According to experts, an ordinary hologram is constructed with the use of lasers to scan the three-dimensional objects, which as a result produces a picture that varies when looked from different angles.

Experts says it will be surprising to know that we live in a hologram as the connection between the three-dimensional world that we can see and the two-dimensional hologram is almost perfect.

The principles of hologram may or may not work for our universe. Studies on the black hole suggest that the holographic principles will be part of any quantum theory of gravity, say experts. As per sources, scientists are still not sure whether Holometer will reveal the mystery that we live in a holographic universe or not.

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