Patients will have to prove nationality for registering with GP

Patients will have to prove nationality for registering with GP

Under the new rules, patients trying to get registered with a GP will have to first prove their nationality in an effort to prevent migrants accessing the NHS.

The Department of Health in the UK is planning to launch a pilot of the scheme within this year in order to recover the costs of primary care for migrants from their home countries. GPs' magazine Pulse said in a new report that everyone enrolling at the surgeries in the 10 areas selected for the pilot will be asked to present their valid European Health Insurance Card, which ensures state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area (EEA) countries to the holders.

A DoHspokesperson said, "We are absolutely committed to improving the way the NHS recovers costs from international visitors for primary care. We're now planning to pilot different ways of doing this effectively without burdening busy GPs."

Experts say that health tourism costs about £2billion each year to the UK even as the rules state that only residents with "indefinite leave to remain" in the country are entitled to free healthcare in the country. General Practicioners Committee (GPC) is working with the department on the formulation of the rules, according to the report in Pulse.

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