Patients Recovery Time could be reduced by Statins

Patients Recovery Time could be reduced by Statins

Recovery time may be reduced for patients who take the cholesterol-lowering medications popularly known as statins after surgery, according to a new study from researchers at Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Statins are commonly used medicines to control high cholesterol levels and researchers are examining the other benefits of statins in different conditions like in organ transplantation and severe infections. It has also become one of the most prescribed medication in the world, with high number of users in Europe and Asia, added the study team.

Researchers have found that statins reduced the amount of time needed to heal wounds of patients from about 18.7 days to 13 days. They have also found that the statin using patients have lesser scars.

It is widely used as cholesterol-lowering drug and it might play role in surgical wound healing, according to a new analysis. Many mechanisms have been shown by researchers through which statins can lower inflammation, reduce healing time and improve the mechanical strength of a healing wound. Majority of the studies were lab based including animal and two studies were on humans.

Statins also help in wound healing in patients who have undergone any type of procedure including heart surgery, according to researchers.

"Based on the encouraging results in the systematic review, we would recommend consideration of an appropriately conducted, randomized-controlled, double-blind clinical trial to comprehensively assess the potential role of topical statins in the promotion of postoperative wound healing", concluded the study's lead author, Dr. Gerard Fitzmaurice, from Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.


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