Parrot launches consumer-friendly, fixed-wing drone --- ‘Disco’

Parrot launches consumer-friendly, fixed-wing drone --- ‘Disco’

In a move which marks drone maker Parrot’s foray into the largely untapped consumer-friendly, fixed-wing drone arena, the company announced the commercial availability of the first fixed-wing consumer drone --- ‘Disco.’

The prototype of the Disco fixed-wing drone was first unveiled by Parrot at the 2016 CES event held in January. The launch of the final version of the drone marks a groundbreaking new entry by Parrot in the quickly growing drone market.

Priced at $1,299, the Disco fixed-wing drone is a 1.6-pound, 50 miles per hour (mph) unmanned aerial vehicle which boasts a battery life of 45 minutes. The drone is largely made of supple, rugged foam; with the heavy lifting to be done by its single rear propeller. The drone also is also capable of automatic takeoff and landing.

Some of the other significant features of the Disco drone include the autopilot, GPS/GLONASS, a barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and an onboard 14-megapixel wide-angle lens with digital stabilization.

In addition, the Disco drone also comes with Parrot's new remote control, along with a virtual reality (VR)-like headset which has the capability to stream footage from the Full HD camera of the drone.

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