Pages that regularly share false news won’t be able to buy ads: Facebook

Pages that regularly share false news won’t be able to buy ads: Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social-networking platform, has declared that Pages that regularly share false or fabricated news stories will not be able to purchase adverts on the network.

Taking another step against Pages that share false news stories, the company announced that the action involves stopping Pages, which frequently share false stories, from purchasing any Facebook ads at all, irrespective of whether or not the adverts include a disputed link.

However, the company has not specified the exact numbers of disputed links that a Page can share before it is blocked by the company.

Speaking on the issue, Product Director Rob Leathern said, “Obviously, it’s not a single instance. It’s a repeated pattern of misinformation.”

Leathern also stressed that the ban on purchasing adverts is not necessarily permanent. If a Page stops sharing fabricated new stories, it could be allowed to buy adverts again.

The social-networking giant has already been working with some fact-checkers, such as Snopes and the AP, to flag incorrect or false news stories.


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