Oregon motel rooms, campsites booked ahead of 2017 total solar eclipse

Oregon motel rooms, campsites booked ahead of 2017 total solar eclipse

All of campsites in Oregon have already been booked and many of motel rooms are sold out for August 21, 2017 as celestial event enthusiasts don’t want to miss the total solar eclipse next summer.

The total solar eclipse will occur on Aug. 21 next year when the Moon, our planet’s only natural satellite, will completely block the Sun.

The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department campers from across the nation claimed every one of the 1,200 campsites within an hour after it started accepting reservations for sites within the path of totality.

The Jefferson County Tourism Group’s Sandy Foreman said that motel rooms were booked by total solar eclipse enthusiasts from as far away as Australia and Japan.

Speaking on the topic, Foreman added, “Many experts are saying that Madras is the number one place in the world to view this from due to our weather clarity odds.”

NASA astronomers have estimated that the total eclipse will last around a couple of minutes for people who would be directly under its path. In the region of Pacific Northwest, the eclipse will start at around 10:15 a.m. on the Oregon coast between Waldport and Pacific City. The Moon’s shadow will take 12 minutes to pass through the whole state of Oregon.

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