Oregon issues ‘health alert’ for tainted marijuana

Oregon issues ‘health alert’ for tainted marijuana

Oregon state health officials on Friday issued a “health alert” about marijuana products that might have been tainted with high levels of a deadly pesticide.

Issuing the alert, the Oregon Health Authority raised concerns that dried flower marijuana sold by McMinnville-based medical marijuana dispensary New Leaf might be contaminated with spinosad, which is used to kill pest and insects.

The products in question were bought by around 130 people between October 15 and October 17. Lab tests detected high levels of spinosad in the products.

Officials could not say whether the producers of the tainted marijuana products would be publicly identified. Rob Patridge, the chairman of the state’s liquor control commission, said, “We will be double checking our rules to ensure we can properly protect the public.”

However, health officials also confirmed that the problematic strain names are Dr. Jack and Marion Berry, with batch numbers G6J0051-02 and G6J0051-01, respectively.

Anyone who bought the tainted products can return it to the McMinnville medical marijuana dispensary or discard it.