Oldest-known living orca whale is still alive and swimming

Oldest-known living orca whale is still alive and swimming

The nonprofit organization Orca Network said last week a killer whale believed to be of Titanic’s age was seen off the coast of Washington state.

The nickname of the whale is Granny but scientists know it as J2. The whale that has probably turned 105 old in 2016 was clicked jumping and swimming along with other orcas.

On the Orca Network website, the nonprofit organization mentioned that 'J2 Granny looking gorgeous!’ and spent most of the time out of water, rather than below it.

A local news station reported that Granny has probably come in to this world in 1911, which would give her the title of the oldest known living killer whale. It means the whale was alive in the year prior to the Titanic took its journey across the Atlantic.

NOAA said that female killer whales generally live roughly 50 years, but a few can have 100 year-long life span. The non-profit organization said that the margin of estimation inaccuracy about the age of the whale is 12 years. Usually, Granny is seen in waters surrounding Canada and Washington

It is impossible for a whale to live up to 105, but scientists have been studying Granny since the early 1970s. In 2014, Michael Harris, executive director of Pacific Whale Watch Association, told SeattlePI that the age of the whale was first assumed by scientists who found her in 1971, and the same year it was generally accepted that Granny was 60.

According to Orca Network, since then, it has been said that there exists 12-year margin of error surrounding her age, probably making her as young as 90.

Over the years, Granny has continued to be spotted, in spite of wild orcas’ average life expectancy of between 60 and 80 years.

Harris mentioned that Granny and other older whales in the wild live quite more than the whales in captivity, generally having a life span of at most 40s.

A report published in SFGATE revealed, "While it seems impossible that a whale can live up to 105, Granny — also known by her scientific name J2 — has been studied by scientists since the early 1970s. Her age was first deduced by scientists who spotted her in 1971, and it was generally accepted that year that Granny was 60, Michael Harris, executive director of Pacific Whale Watch Association."

Granny has continued to be sighted throughout the years, despite an average life expectancy of between 60 and 80 years for wild orcas. Granny, and other older whales in the wild, far outlive whales in captivity who have only been known to live up to (at most) their early 40s, Harris pointed out.

Granny is known by the markings near her dorsal fin. As the Tribune pointed out, Granny was named the honorary mayor of the city of Eastound, located in Washington, in June. Her "mayoral address" can be found here.

According to a report in Foxla by Katie Tschop, "A killer whale believed to be as old as the Titanic was spotted off the coast of Washington state last week, according to the nonprofit organization Orca Network. Nicknamed Granny but known to scientists as J2, the whale that is estimated to have turned 105 this year, was photographed jumping and swimming with other orcas."

A local news station reports that Granny is believed to have been born in 1911 which would make her the oldest known living killer whale and would also mean she was alive the year before the Titanic took its voyage across the Atlantic.

According to NOAA, female killer whales typically live about 50 years, but some can live as long as 100 years. The Orca Network says the margin of error on estimating the whale's age is 12 years. Granny is generally spotted in waters around Canada and Washington.

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