Oculus CEO: The heart of Oculus will always be in ‘gaming’

Oculus CEO: The heart of Oculus will always be in ‘gaming’

During the course of an address at the company's Game Industry International event last week, Oculus VR Chief Executive Officer Brendan Iribe said that the core focus of Oculus will always be on 'gaming.'

The statement by Iribe came in coincidence with the unveiling of Oculus' new Rift virtual reality (VR) headset dubbed 'Crescent Bay.' Iribe said that the Crescent Bay device is solely for gaming purposes and will continue to be so in the future as well.

The Crescent Bay prototype model unveiled by Oculus is equipped with headphones, which the users can also replace with their headphones. In addition, Crescent Bay also boasts an advanced lens with 360-degree motion tracking, is lighter than the previous Rift, has better ergonomics, and features noteworthy specification improvements under the hood.

With Oculus presently not having a consumer version of its Rift VR headset, and has not officially disclosed plans for launching one, the new Crescent Bay model appears to be a close to such a version.

Unveiling the Crescent Bay, Iribe said at the launch event: "For a very long time the heart and soul of what drives virtual reality is going to be a video game 3D engine. This is not a film, this is a 3D game engine inside. So even when it's a medical simulation experience or it's architecture or whatever it is, it is a 3D game engine running inside. That's awesome, that is rooted in the game market."


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