Observation of Cosmic Dust Can Help Know Evolution of Galaxies, Say Scientists

Observation of Cosmic Dust Can Help Know Evolution of Galaxies, Say Scientists

It has been reported that scientists on NASA's Stratospheric observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) mission for the first time were able to show how supernova explosion can provide the material necessary for planet formation.

It has been known that supernovas create a plethora of cosmic material spewed out in all directions. But the only question that baffled scientists was can the material spewed during the explosion survive the rebound shock.

The new evidence, captured by NASA's SOFIA telescope, offered some surprising suggestions about the fate of spewed material. Mission scientist Ryan Lau, in an explanation, said the dust survived the later onslaught of the shock waves from the supernova explosion.

Those particle then flows into the interstellar medium where they can become part of the 'seed material' for new stars and planets, he added.

Pamela Marcum, a project scientist and researcher at the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, stated that this discovery can be marked as a milestone for SOFTA mission.

The study very well demonstrated how observations made within our own Milky Way galaxy can help knowing the evolution of galaxies located billions of light years away, added Marcum.

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