NVIDIA’s gaming-oriented revenue recorded 21% compounded annual growth rate in 5 years

NVIDIA’s gaming-oriented revenue recorded 21% compounded annual growth rate in 5

During the course of its latest conference call with analysts, chip giant NVIDIA showed a slide which put the spotlight on some noteworthy financial metrics for the company's gaming-oriented processor business.

According to the indications from the slide shown by NVIDIA at its analyst day in April, a 21 percent compounded annual growth rate has been recorded by the company's gaming-centric revenue in the last five-year period.

The growth in NVIDIA's gaming-centric revenue over the past five years has largely been a result of some combination of market share gains, accompanied by growth in the total addressable market.

The most interesting aspect of the financial metrics highlighted by NVIDIA for its gaming-oriented graphics processor business is that the company has not only recorded unit growth over the five-year period, but has also recorded even more robust growth in average selling prices (ASPs).

Moreover, with NVIDIA having recently launched its new flagship GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1070 graphics cards, it is apparent that the company will be able to bolster ASPs in the coming years.

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