Numsa Strike in Momentum

Numsa Strike in Momentum

The strike by the National Union of Mental Work of South Africa (Numsa) has taken an ugly turn. The union has threatened that it will continue its strike unless and until their demands are addressed. Numsa spokesperson said that workers can’t be threatened with no work, no pay rule.

It has been revealed that Numsa went on strike with the demand on increasing the salary. Employers did try to address the needs of the union. They also offered a 7% hike in the salary. But the offer was turned down by the union. The union has asked the employers to increase their salary by 13%.

Protesting against the company, the workers were seen marching to Steeldale Reinforcing Company to spread their message. The strike by Numsa is going on since Monday all across the country for better wages and salary. The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa's (Seifsa) is trying hard to strike a deal with the union.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that on 6th of July, 2011, Numsa will be seen marching towards the embassies of the United States, Britain and France in Pretoria. Numsa spokesperson, Cosatu said, “We salute Numsa and all Cosatu affiliates for their consistency in linking the workers' demands and struggles in the country to those of other suffering fellow workers and people all over the world”.

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