Nuclear physics conference invites professor to share nonsensical ‘autocomplete’ study

Nuclear physics conference invites professor to share nonsensical ‘autocomplete’

A technology professor from New Zealand will share a nonsensical research paper at an American conference next month.

Christoph Bartneck, an associate professor at the University of Canterbury’s Human Interface Technology laboratory, revealed his surprise acceptance for the conference in a recently published blog post. He also revealed that wrote his research paper entirely through Apple’s iOS autocomplete software.

He explained that he started a sentence with the words ‘Atomic’ or ‘Nuclear’ and then hit the autocomplete suggestions made by the iOS software, and found that the text really didn’t make any sense.

The resultant research paper is totally incomprehensible, even by academia standards.

Quoting some lines from the paper, Bartneck wrote in the blog post, “Atomic Physics and I shall not have the same problem with a separate section for a very long long way … Power is not a great place for a good time.”

Bartneck also revealed that he has no knowledge of nuclear physics, and that he put the research paper together after receiving an unexpected invitation from the International Conference on Atomic & Nuclear Physics, which is scheduled to take place in Atlanta in November this year.